2018 International Female Ride Day Gallery – May 5, 2018

2018 International Female Ride Day

Women are not to be excluded but rather united in motorcycling.

Our 2018 ride departed at 10:30 a.m. where we headed to Glenavon to meet up with with the L.O.H. and H.O.G. and Lady Riders of Yorkton and Saskatchewan. We had 57 bikes, 59 riders, and 72 in attendance for the barbecue in Glenavon. The food for the barbeque was all donated by one of our amazing courageous and caring lady riders from the town of Glenavon. The dessert was donated by one of our Ride Captains. Darcy made us a batch of his infamous pickled eggs which were a total hit 🙂 Thank You to Darcy and Donny for donating the Harley Davidson earrings and Gnome for a door prize for our ladies. Thank You to Joan for coming out and assisting Deb with the cooking, serving, and clean up. We raised $475 for the care home and the First Responders. The event was not about fundraising but that is seriously what bikers do 😍. Following a ride to Glenavon, we had a beautiful ride to Montmartre to have a rumble with the seniors and then a loop to Katepwa, Lebret, Fort San and home to Regina.