Rides – Riverhurst Loop from Regina

This is our Chapter Photographer’s favorite day ride from Regina.  Head west on the #1 from Regina towards Moose Jaw.  From there you have a couple of options.  Normally she would turn north on the 42 at Moose Jaw towards Riverhurst because it is the most scenic but that highway was a disaster in 2016 so you can also keep going west until Chaplin and then head north on the 19 to Central Butte and then west on the 42 to Riverhurst where you get to hop on the FREE ferry ride and then head to Lucky Lake.  At Lucky Lake, you will want to stop and see the folks at the bar and order some pizza.  Then go north on the 45 and then east on the 44 to Davidson.  This are some back-road Saskatchewan Highways so be ready to do some pot hole dodging (AKA Harley Wack a Mole!)  Be prepared to enjoy nice, slow ride and remember that it is about the ride and not the destination.

Stop in Moose Jaw or Chaplin for a break, gas, or food.  Go to the Aylesbury bar and check out the elephants and Twisted Sisters at Chamberlain is the perfect stop for ice cream.

Click here for the Harley Davidson Road Planner: