2018 Trailer Park Murder Mystery

The Regina H.O.G.Chapter  cannot even begin to express how much gratitude we have for everyone who made our Regina H.O.G. Murder Mystery such a tremendous success!

Total Trailer Park Mayhem!

Jim Leech our Activities Officer works so hard to make all of our events success.

All of the amazing Lady Riders and L.O.H. Members. Leslie Nekurak, Bonnie MacMillan, Denise Dick, Konnie Perry,  Vicki Mansell, Kerri-Ann Fisher, Marnee Benson and our Ladies of Harley Officer, Wendy Funk. You ladies are the 💣 and there is absolutely no way that this night would have been a success without you!!  Your help with decorating, making appetizers and dessert, bringing everything together, and all the last minute running around is hugely appreciated!!

And the food! Bryce Van Loosen and the Regina German Club did an amazing job on our supper!

The appetizers made by our ladies: Hillbilly Caviar, Redneck Sushi, Redneck Calamari, Louella’s Special Brownies, and Ms Kay’s Stuffed Possum Tails !! Deb Jeffers and Darcy for those Award winning pickled eggs!!

Our chapter members and their friends and family were the best group of redneck neighbours we could have ever asked for!!

The award winning Drama Queen performance by Dean Fraser will be remembered for decades. Tania Fraser you are a good woman 😂. Jody Laplante and Tricia Longney your marriage may not be traditional but we wish you all the best!! Terry Brewer you were the cutest cat lady and congratulations to John Brewer for his super sleuth award. Regan Smith you were an awesome Jethro and good job on solving the murder. Sherrdean Derkatch you nailed the mall cop role and with your super sleuthing and investigation skills extraordinaire we see no reason why the Academy wouldn’t take you back and give you another chance. Tony Musleh killed the ab and mullet. Bobbi Criddle you were the cutest murder victim we have ever seen! Tallas Hertzog you got yourself a good man in Sean Renton but keep an eye on his mother! Stacey Yung… how you looked as beautiful as you did in curlers and a moo moo is beyond us 😍 and Jeff Yung’s uncanny resemblance to Lou still makes us wonder about the disappearance. Ron and Marilyn Dyck it is always such a pleasure to be in your company and we are so glad you joined us. Brian Fries you nailed the redneck look and loved those boots! George Peslari we are so glad you have become part of the madness. Garry Wutke those were some of the sexiest, whitest legs we have ever seen lol.  How Billy Dick pulled off that role of mechanic and NASCAR lover so well was almost like he lived it everyday 😉  Jessi we are so glad you joined us. Dave you were a huge help with all the last minute running around and we really appreciate you trying to “fix” Wags but it was too late ;-(  Tammy your unemployed Pearl Bodine was perfect!  Louie Volikas you nailed that role and you’re going to win the Top Salesmen award this month for most pink Cadillacs so sold!! Shaun and Katie you were the cutest Louisiana bayou entrepreneurs.

Taylor Dean we are so grateful that you and your beautiful mother Samantha Stom-Anthony and Kurt Anthony were there to capture all of memories!💜

AND Last but definitely not least … Thank You to our amazing and supportive Dealers Caron Zora-Hertzog and Robbie M. Hertzog. You and all the staff at Prairie Harley Davidson are second to none!!!  Your H.O.G. Chapter Members and clients really appreciate all that you do for us!

We’ll miss you Ginny. It looks like you’re going up the River. UPDATE ON THE MURDERER: It looks like she has skipped town with the Shady Biker Dude Dirk. They were last seen boarding a plane to Florida!

And now for the photo gallery:

Check out the super fun appetizers made by Lady Riders of Saskatchewan and Regina L.O.H.

MMMM Stuffed Possum TailsIMG_4060Redneck Sushi – there were actually 2 kinds!!IMG_4061Fish and Chips – OO YA!IMG_4062

Our Trailer Park Owner, Louella (aka Samantha our Chapter Photographer) and her partner in crime Mel (aka Kurt)IMG_4063Our Trailer Park Owner Louelle and one of her great friends TammyIMG_4069Best Actor, Super Sleuth, Richest Redneck and Best Dressed Trophy and Button Awards IMG_4074Louella’s TrailerIMG_4075A couple of our L.O.H. Trailer Park Members – Louella and Scarlett (aka Wendy our L.O.H. Officer)IMG_4078Favourite Trailer Park Games – Pin the Tail on the PossumIMG_4079Dirk Dragster’s TrailerIMG_4082IMG_4084IMG_4085Redneck Calamari – YUMMY!!  Don’t knock it til’ you try it!IMG_4086Louella’s “Special” BrowniesIMG_4088IMG_4089Redneck Sushi Option #2 – Macaroni and Cheese Loaf, Jalapeno Cream Cheese and a Garlic Dill Pickle….OO YA that’s what I’m talking about!!!IMG_4090Hillbilly Caviar – You can’t go wrong when Paula Dean gives you a tailgate recipeIMG_4091Loaded Tackle BoxIMG_4092Our Ladies of Harley Officer gotter’ teeth all polished up for the big picnic!IMG_4093

The Line-Up of the SuspectsIMG_4095Louella Deville – Trailer Park OwnerIMG_4097IMG_4100

Charlie Lugnut (aka Jim Leech our Activities Officer)IMG_4101Jethro Bodine, Skipper Bivins, Mel Haringer, Charlie LugnutIMG_4102Billy Dick, Vernon, Danny Dellarope, Lester FlattIMG_4103Lester Flatt, Feed Mill Packer (aka Ron Dyck)IMG_4105Billy Dick, Mechanic and Nascar Fanatic (aka Billy Dick)IMG_4106Vernon, Trailer Park Maintenance Man (aka Jody Laplante)….and that is his real face IMG_4107Danny Dellarope, High School Drop out (Garry Wutke)IMG_4108Mel Haringer,  Avid Dog Lover (aka Kurt Anthony)IMG_4109Skipper Bivins, Farmhand and Grit Lover (aka Jeff Yung and Lou Deville lookalike)IMG_4110Jethro Bodine, Bull Rider (Regan Smith)IMG_4111Savananah Acosta, Resident Cat Lady (Yolande Howrie)IMG_4113Charlie Lugnut, Mechanic who can fix everything but bad habits (Jim Leech, Activities Officer)IMG_4115Sadie, Daycare Worker (Jessie)IMG_4116Pearl Bodine, unemployed (Tammy)IMG_4118Sally Anne, Bargain Mart Employee (Bobbi Criddle, murder victim extraordinare)IMG_4120Terry Rhodes, Trucker (Dean Fraser)IMG_4121Gretchen, Professional Maker (Tania Fraser)IMG_4122Scarlett Rivers – Beautician (Wendy Funk, L.O.H. Officer)IMG_4124Louise Dellarope, Hard-working Cocktail Waitress (Marnee Benson)IMG_4125Miss Kay Robertson, World Renowned Possum Cookbook Author (Katie)IMG_4126Phil Robertson, Duck Whistle Entrepreneur (Shaun)IMG_4127Elvira, Louisiana Bayou Housewife with a big secret (Tricia Longney)IMG_4129Gladys Flatt, Sheep Sheerer (Marilyn Dyck)IMG_4130

Jane Hathaway, Grocery Store Cashier (Vicki Mansell)IMG_4131Missy Ann, Waitress (Kerri-Anne Fisher)IMG_4132Susie Anne, Professional Mother (Stacey Yung)IMG_4133Merle Edwards, Professional Tire Changer (Dave Gorrill)IMG_4136IMG_4137IMG_4139IMG_4141IMG_4142IMG_4144Miny Dick, Disgraced Figure Skater (Denise Dick)IMG_4146Daisy Moses, Retired Ring Girl (Bonnie MacMillan)IMG_4147IMG_4149Phil Robertson, Duck Hunter Extraordinaire (Shaun), Ms. Kay Robertson, Possum Cookbook Author (Katie), and Sally Anne, Bargain Mart Employee (Bobbi)IMG_4150IMG_4152IMG_4154IMG_4156IMG_4157IMG_4158Shorty Kellums, Retired Boxer (Brian Fries)IMG_4160Buck Drucker, Used Car Salesman (Louie Volikas) and Jude Drucker, Chicken Batterer at Bubba’s Chicken and WafflesIMG_4162IMG_4163IMG_4164Bobby Rae, Heel Nailer at the Shoe Factory but currently on disability after being accidently shot (Tony Musleh)IMG_4165Harley Armstrong and Bobby RaeIMG_4166IMG_4167Charlie Lugnut, Mechanic (Jim Leech) and Scarlett River, Beautician (Wendy Funk)IMG_4168IMG_4169Kat Stevens, Undercover PETA (Terry Brewer)IMG_4172IMG_4173Hunter String, Ozark Coon Hunter (John Brewer(IMG_4175Wyatt Barlow, Parolee and disgraced Bargain Mart Employee (Sean Renton) and Ginny Barlow, Hair Dresser (Caron Zora-Hertzog)IMG_4176IMG_4177IMG_4178IMG_4179IMG_4180

Our “Residents” are starting to mingle and get to know each other

IMG_4184Stacey YungIMG_4185Dean FraserIMG_4186Dean FraserIMG_4187John Brewer, Shaun, Regan Smith, and Sherrdean DerkatchIMG_4188IMG_4189IMG_4190IMG_4191IMG_4193IMG_4195IMG_4196IMG_4198IMG_4199IMG_4202IMG_4203IMG_4204IMG_4205IMG_4207IMG_4208IMG_4214IMG_4218IMG_4221IMG_4223IMG_4227IMG_4228IMG_4230IMG_4231IMG_4237IMG_4239IMG_4242IMG_4243IMG_4244IMG_4245IMG_4246



Hors doovres anyone…Hillybilly teethIMG_4250

Homemade Pickled Eggs – Everyone’s flavour favouriteIMG_4251IMG_4254

The Rowdies gettin’ outa control but we had our resident Security Guard by night…Mall Cop by Day…Harley Armstrong to keep things under control.IMG_4256IMG_4258IMG_4259IMG_4260IMG_4261IMG_4263

The Budget Mart employee’s taking advantage of the free boozeIMG_4264Louella had a bit of a thing for Terry Rhode’s “AB”IMG_4273

Scarlett is just restin’ the dogsIMG_4275

Bobby Rae is still recovering from the “accidental shooting”IMG_4277IMG_4278IMG_4280Mel’s just chillin’ and makin’ sure no one knows his businessIMG_4286Ginny, our Resident Hair Dresser, can’t help but fix up Susie Ann’s hairdoIMG_4287Dinner is Served – The Regina German Club club served up an amazing bbq dinner of Bratwurst, buns, sauerkraut, homemade potato salad, caesar salad, homemade mustard …. DELICIOUS!!IMG_4289IMG_4292

Auction for leftoversIMG_4293IMG_4294IMG_4295IMG_4297IMG_4298IMG_4299IMG_4300IMG_4301IMG_4304IMG_4305IMG_4308IMG_4310IMG_4321IMG_4322IMG_4325


SOMEONES BEEN MURDERED – Sally Anne the Bargain Mart Employee

IMG_4328IMG_4329IMG_4330IMG_4331IMG_4333IMG_4334IMG_4335IMG_4336IMG_4337IMG_4338IMG_4339IMG_4341IMG_4342IMG_4345IMG_4348IMG_4350IMG_4351Harley Armstrong finds the murder weapon and the investigation beginsIMG_4352IMG_4353IMG_4354IMG_4355IMG_4356IMG_4357IMG_4360IMG_4369IMG_4375IMG_4377IMG_4378IMG_4379IMG_4380IMG_4381IMG_4382IMG_4386IMG_4387IMG_4388IMG_4391IMG_4397IMG_4402IMG_4404IMG_4406IMG_4409IMG_4412IMG_4413IMG_4414IMG_4415IMG_4416IMG_4417IMG_4427IMG_4429IMG_4431IMG_4432IMG_4436IMG_4439IMG_4443IMG_4445IMG_4446IMG_4448IMG_4455IMG_4457IMG_4458IMG_4460IMG_4463IMG_4464IMG_4466IMG_4468IMG_4471IMG_4473IMG_4478IMG_4480IMG_4482IMG_4484IMG_4485IMG_4487IMG_4488IMG_4490IMG_4491Harley found out Danny was trying to skip townIMG_4494IMG_4496IMG_4497IMG_4501IMG_4504IMG_4506IMG_4509IMG_4513IMG_4516IMG_4517IMG_4519Someone killed WAGSIMG_4520IMG_4521IMG_4522IMG_4523IMG_4530

IMG_4542IMG_4545Merle tried to fix WAGS but it was too lateIMG_4549IMG_4551The Murder WeaponIMG_4554Evidence PresentationIMG_4557IMG_4561IMG_4562IMG_4567IMG_4568IMG_4570IMG_4571IMG_4572IMG_4575Husband and Dog Missing – REWARD FOR DOGIMG_4580Uncanny resemblance to the missing LouIMG_4583IMG_4585IMG_4587Everybody into the PoolIMG_4603IMG_4612Belly FlopIMG_4598BreaststrokeIMG_4596Butterfly StrokeIMG_4595Front CrawlIMG_4594DrowningIMG_4593IMG_4614Redneck DessertIMG_4621IMG_4624IMG_4642IMG_4656Love is blooming in the Trailer Park (where’s Lou??)IMG_4657aIMG_4664IMG_4668Trailer Park Hook-Up.  The dark mysterious Dirk Dragster and the beautiful Hair Dresser and overprotective mother GinnyIMG_4674IMG_4677IMG_4678Poor Louise is exhausted after trying to keep Danny out of trouble.  It’s a full time job!!!IMG_4679IMG_4680IMG_4681Terry Rhodes kept everybody in stitches all night!IMG_4684IMG_4689IMG_4695Murder SolvedIMG_4700Momma What????IMG_4708IMG_4702IMG_4703IMG_4704IMG_4707IMG_4708Framed the Hussy!IMG_4710IMG_4712“I’ll visit you in the big house Momma”IMG_4713IMG_4715IMG_4716IMG_4717IMG_4721IMG_4722IMG_4723IMG_4727IMG_4728IMG_4731IMG_4733IMG_4734IMG_4735IMG_4736Reenactment IMG_4763IMG_4762IMG_4758IMG_4755IMG_4754IMG_4753IMG_4752IMG_4747Dealer Thank you!!IMG_4744IMG_4741IMG_4740IMG_4790IMG_4788IMG_4787IMG_4784IMG_4783IMG_4781All the residents of the Trailer ParkIMG_4780IMG_4777IMG_4770-bestIMG_4768IMG_4767IMG_4766IMG_4791IMG_4846IMG_4845IMG_4843IMG_4842IMG_4841IMG_4839IMG_4838IMG_4837IMG_4836IMG_4835IMG_4834IMG_4833IMG_4832IMG_4831IMG_4829IMG_4828IMG_4827IMG_4826IMG_4825IMG_4824IMG_4823IMG_4822IMG_4821Your OrganizersIMG_4819Look out Vegas, these ladies are on their way…….IMG_4818IMG_4816IMG_4815IMG_4814IMG_4813IMG_4812IMG_4811❤ Love is in the air!  The soon to be newlyweds!!IMG_4810IMG_4809IMG_4808IMG_4807IMG_4805IMG_4804IMG_4803IMG_4801IMG_4800IMG_4798IMG_4797IMG_4796IMG_4794IMG_4793IMG_4792