R.A.G.E. Call to Action

R.iders A.gainst G.overnment E.xploitation *R.A.G.E*

R.A.G.E. is a non-profit group that has been working hard to convince SGI and the Saskatchewan Government that Motorcycle insurance rates are too high in Saskatchewan since the huge rate increases imposed in 2013 and 2014. Many riders only plate their bikes for a few months each summer, while others just buy weekly permits as needed.

This year, even with record profits, and unprecedented refunds averaging of $285 per vehicle, SGI insists that motorcycle riders are not covering the cost of their insurance claims, and have published proposed motorcycle rate increases of about 10% for January, 2021. Proposed Motorcycle Rates Increases (PDF) This information is from the 2021 Rate Proposal on SGI website.

R.A.G.E. has organized an email and telephone campaign that began June 8, 2021 urging all of their 3800+ members to send individual email messages to SGI executives, board members, all MLA’s and the Premier to express their disapproval of the current motorcycle insurance rates, and the planned rate increases. RAGE has published a suggested contact list with email addresses and telephone numbers on the R.A.G.E. FaceBook page. You can download the contact list here (PDF).

The campaign has been acknowledged by a carefully worded response from Don Morgan, Minister responsible for SGI, reiterating that motorcycle insurance premiums are not covering costs of SGI payments, and riders can choose the “new option” of reduced package of no-fault injury benefits for lower premiums. See Don’s Letter (PDF).

R.A.G.E. Call to Action – From their FaceBook page.


RAGE Call To Action #1 – June 8, 2021 STARTS NOW…!!!


Contact the SaskRate Review and the Sask Government with your voice!


Here are some “to the point” Bullets for RAGE Supporters to utilize for their Email and Voice Mail.

We would encourage you not to just straight Copy/Paste but add a little bit of your own voice to your messages, so they are each a unique message.


1. Vulgarity and Threatening language HURTS our cause, so always…always…keep your messages clean, simple and direct ON POINT.

2. Always ask for a RESPONSE, a Call Back for Voice Mail, a reply to your Email or Mail. If you don’t receive a response, this precipitates further Emails and Voice Mails wanting to know WHY you have not received a response..

Written Message Suggestion:

Since 2009 SGI has singled out motorcycles and increased motorcycle rates in Saskatchewan to where motorcycle insurance in Saskatchewan is completely unaffordable.

As a result, the motorcycle community no longer purchases license plates and insurance over the long-term, which has drastically reduced the traditional revenue stream of the motorcycle portion of the AutoFund, the result is the AutoFund is going into the RED, insolvency!

The Rate Proposal INCREASE presently in front of the Rate Review Panel will worsen this problem, pushing the AutoFund further and faster into long-term Insolvency.

Voice Message Suggestions:

SGI is raising the Rates on motorcycles again, making licensing a motorcycle in Saskatchewan completely unaffordable. It is no longer viable for motorcyclists in Saskatchewan to license long term, which means revenue from motorcycle licensing will decrease even further pushing the AutoFund into the RED.

Contact information for email, mail and phone: Contact List

Don’t forget to let us know you’ve used your voice…just comment when you’re done 🙂

RAGE Calls To Action will start later today! (June 8, 2021)

In them, you will find complete Email & Voice Mail suggested comments. You can use these as a template as is, or with your own words.

RAGE is providing these comments to assist you in getting your messages out, Direct, Clear on Focus.

New suggested comments will follow every few days so you can email email email, and phone phone phone…all day, day after day….💣💣💣…until we get a RESPONSE!

🔥Keep the Pressure ON! 🔥

📢Above is the PDF of who to contact with RAGE Calls To Action