HOG Executive – 2022

Director – Lang Neufeldt

Lang Neufeldt

I’ve been riding 40 + years , and have built a few bikes over the years. I like to ride hard; I’ve been active in HOG for the last 9 years. Harley is my bike of choice. I love to go on bike runs with my wife Candy, riding beside me on her heritage. We enjoy putting our bikes in Show and Shines and Car Shows. Organizing charity events allow us to bring other groups of Bikers together for a common cause, Which I thank them for. I took on this role as Director because there is so much I think we as an executive can do for our Group and fellow bikers. As director I look forward to meeting with other chapters and the events ahead and the ones to come.

With the support of Prairie H.D. and all the Executive and Members, I know we will succeed and build for our future Endeavors.

Assistant Director – Kelly Aikens

Kelly Aikens

Hi everyone. My name is Kelly Aikens and I’m the new Assistant Director. I have served as Safety Officer a few years ago, and I’m happy to be back. I ride a Road King wit really high bars.

Captain – Murray Torrie

Murray Torrie

Hello fellow Hoggers!  My name is Murray Torrie and I am excited to be one of your Head Road Captains for this riding season. I have been a H.O.G. member since 2016 when my beautiful wife Joanne Torrie surprised me with a brand new 2016 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special in Velocity Red as her present to me for our 25th wedding anniversary.
Since then I have enjoyed thousands of kilometers worth of Miles and Smiles with all of you.  I am looking forward to enjoying the open road with all of my fellow hoggers and friends through our scheduled Thursday night rides, weekend rides, and our scheduled charity rides throughout the year.
Remember as 50% of the head road captain compliment I get to tell you where to go and how to get there!

Safety Officer – Dave Jensen

Dave Jensen

Hello fellow HOG members. I have been a HOG member since 2016 when I bought my first Harley, a 2014 Street Glide. I have ridden and competed in amateur classes in different forms of motorcycles my whole life; you could say bikes are in my blood.

Being fairly new to Regina, having moved here in 2012, joining the club has given me the opportunity to meet some great people, and I am looking forward to meeting many more. I am happy to support the club and the executive in the role as Safety Officer. I look forward to this next riding season.

Secretary – Vacant

We are looking for a secretary to record the minutes at our monthly executive meetings for 2023.

Membership – Giorgio Grebaz

Giorgio Grebaz

I am a new member to the HOG Executive and stepped up to support the role of Membership Officer, in saying that, I am still learning my new role though looking forward to working with our Executive group.

I began riding back in 2013 and purchased my first Harley in 2014 which I am still riding today. I have had the opportunity to ride across western Canada and spent 8 months riding around Eastern North Carolina. I always look forward to getting out and enjoying the open road and wherever it happens to take me that day, the people I get to meet and the adventures we experience.

If you have any questions about becoming a member of the local Regina H.O.G.® Chapter feel free to E-mail me at: reginahogmembership@sasktel.net. Also, on behalf of the Regina H.O.G.® chapter I have for sale, H.O.G.® tee shirts, pins and patches. Please contact me if you would like to purchase any of these items.

Ladies of Harley – Joanne Torrie

Joanne Torrie

I have been a H.O.G.® member for a number of years and am now serving as the Ladies of Harley Officer. I look forward to riding, meeting people and making new friends as well as belonging to the Regina H.O.G.® Chapter.

When I first met my husband Murray he rode a little Kawasaki 440LTD. I’ve grown up hating motorcycles. After all, they are dangerous and only bad people ride them right 😝. So when he asked me to marry him I told him he would need to sell his bike … and he did! So for our 25th anniversary I totally surprised him. I went to Prairie and special ordered him a brand new 2016 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special. I thought I would add to the surprise and bought myself a used 2004 Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200 Custom.

I had our friends and family gather at Prairie for the huge surprise. It was actually quite easy to get him there. I told him my boss (that rides) needed something picked up as they don’t have a truck and he does.
So we walked in, everyone yelled surprise, I handed him the keys and he cried like a baby. Then our friends moved away from my bike and voila surprise #2…yep more tears. He was completely shocked that I would try to overcome my hugest fear so that we can enjoying the rest of our lives riding together.
I took the safety course in May ‘16 and began my riding life as a Learner,  then the road test May ‘18 and now proudly sport my “M” plate as a full graduated rider.

I am proud to say that in my short riding career I have had 2 Iron Horses in my stable. My 1st, 2004 Sportster XL1200 Custom that I learned on and rode for 3 years and her name is Journey. Then last year I accidentally fell in love with my new ride, “Thunder”. He is a sexy 2014 Softail Deluxe CVO.

Activities Director – Jim Leech

Jim Leech

Hey Everyone.  My name is Jim Leech and I am happy to be your activities director.

I have been riding since the early 80’s and currently own a 2016 Street Glide CVO, affectionate known as Scorcher.  I was also a member of the Prairie Gophers and act as their treasure or the “Money Man”.  I am happily divorced and have surrounded myself with some very great friends who shared the passion for riding.  In 2011, when I was diagnosed with Cancer, my soft tail was my saving grace.  The only time that I was able to take my mind off it was when I was riding down the highway.  The freedom and fresh air works wonders to clear your head!

With the help of yourselves, the HOG members, and executive, I am confident we can come up with some fun events which will give everyone a chance to meet other members and hopefully form some lasting friendships.  We are always looking for new ideas to do as a group, so if you have any ideas, please email or message me.  jleech@sasktel.net or 306-737-9195

Dream As If You’ll Live Forever, Live As If You’ll Die Today… James Dean.

Photographer – Tricia Anderson

Tricia Anderson

Hello fellow riders. My name is Tricia Anderson, and I am the new official Regina H.O.G.® Chapter Photographer. I ride a Softail Deluxe.

Editor – Denise Dick

Denise Dick

Hello everyone, my name is Denise Dick and I have been involved with organizing and promoting HOG events for a few years. I am now officially on the executive as Editor and will be making posters for events and helping with the web site.

Treasurer & Webmaster – Darrell Getz

Darrell Getz

I have been looking after the Regina HOG website for the past few years now, and I am in my second year as treasurer. I have recently retired from my computer business that I ran in Regina for over 32 years. I did most of the bookkeeping myself which helped prepare me to support the HOG chapter as treasurer.

I have owned eleven different motorcycles over the years, riding since I was 14 – over 40 years. I’ve been a Regina HOG member since I purchased my first new Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, a Softail Standard 96 in July 2007. I moved up to touring class in 2011 with a new Street Glide 103, and then switched to a new Road Glide 107 in 2019. Every Harley that I have owned have always been black with lots of chrome. I guess that it will always be that way for me.