2022 International Female Ride Day

International Female Ride Day© (IFRD©) is celebrated worldwide on the first Saturday of May every year. The day celebrates women motorcycle riders and is not country, group or organizationally specific. It is a globally synchronized “JUST RIDE! ©” day. Women make International Female Ride Day© their day to “JUST RIDE!”© doing what they can to promote and highlight women riders while making a positive difference for women in motorcycling. Every woman riding on IFRD© is a role model for the diverse, unique and common passion women share for motorcycling. Download the IFRD poster here.

Sat. May 7, 2022 K.S.U 9:30am
Leaving Staples Call Center
221 Winnipeg St N, Regina, SK
Heading to Big Mur’s Tavern
315 2nd Street, Dundurn, SK

Big Mur’s