2018 International Female Ride Day – May 5


Women are not to be excluded but rather united in motorcycling.


The 2018 ride will depart at 10:30 a.m. on May 5th from 221 Winnipeg Street North.  We will ride to Glenavon where we will be meeting with the L.O.H. and H.O.G. and Lady Riders of Yorkton and Saskatoon and their supporters to celebrate this great day.  We will have a $5 picnic and that will be followed by a ride to Montmarte for a quick visit with the residents at the care home, then on to Katepwa for a break by the lake then Lebret to check out some antiques and stained glass.  The day will conclude with a loop around the beautiful lakes of the Qu’Appelle Valley.  All are welcome to attend and we look forward to celebrating this day with you and building awareness of women motorcycle riders.  If you are attending we would ask that you donate $5 to cover the cost of the picnic.  The balance will be donated to the Montmarte carehome activities fund where one of our Ladies works.  Deb is organizing the picnic for us in Glenavon along with the help of some local residents.

International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) is campaign for women motorcycle riders across all cultures of the sport, with the purpose of highlighting and profiling the many numbers of woman riders enjoying the activity. It is an all brands, all forms, and all styles worldwide ride. All riders are invited to take part and join in on the universal ride day action of “JUST RIDE!©” http://motoress.com/international-female-ride-day/about/international-female-ride-day-global-synchronized-motorcycle-ride-goals/

Its mission is that of building awareness of women motorcycle riders and promoting those who enjoy the sport across all the world’s cultures and communities. This,  all the while encouraging other women who have not yet explored motorcycling, to take up the activity. Furthermore as each woman participating on IFRD is a role model for motorcycling, IFRD aims to defy preconceived [gender limiting] notions of motorcycling for women and of women motorcyclists.  Women participating on IFRD demonstrate the formless, ageless, diverse numbers of women who have mastered the skills.

International Female Ride Day©  shines a spotlight on women motorcyclists while asking each woman rider to be a role model for motorcycling on this one global day. This is achieved by the single unified IFRD action of “JUST RIDE©“.

It’s a day for and of women motorcycle, scooter, and trike riders everywhere. A day emphasizing the many numbers of female’s who ride motorcycles; supporting their diversities, agelessness, limitless abilities and the enjoyment women embrace in the activity of motorcycling.

International Female Ride Day© was created on the basis of four main guiding principles. These have remained year after year ensuring the campaigns’ intentions are clear.

International Female Ride Day Guiding Principles 

  1. FREEDOM. Women motorcyclists are free to take part and enjoy the day in any way they choose/prefer. It is their choice to determine how the mission of “JUST RIDE!” will be translated to their personal action of motorcycling.  This welcomes women riders at all levels of experience, of varying ages, and styles of riding to take part in the task of unifying women riders around the world – through motorcycling.

  2. BRANDLESS. IFRD is the property of MOTORESS™ however its “for use” campaign, dedicated to promoting women and motorcycling, is to be enjoyed by all. It will not be limited or exclude any woman motorcycle, scooter, trike enthusiast in any way. It is not to be taken over by any one motorcycle manufacturer brand, product or country. Women are not to be excluded but rather united in motorcycling.  The industry, individual rider groups or clubs are encouraged to participate.

  3. ONE FIXED DATE. IFRD now occurs on the first Saturday of May every year. This date is solid and fixed no matter the time zones (i.e. New Year’s Eve), culture or climate. The power of the global JUST RIDE! action succeeds due to this one day unified action. This day is not changeable. Any event occurring outside of the worldwide ride day occurrence is not IFRD.

  4. OPEN GOOD WILL. International Female Ride Day© will not impose on any rider, group or club’s charity purpose. IFRD may sometimes select a localized charity to partner with but will not enforce a global action of such. This allows participants if they so wish to create their own cause or merge activities around their current choice charity organisations.

IFRD occurs on the first Saturday in May, every year. JUST RIDE!